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The translation process comprises certain intrinsic procedures (translation, research, revision, proofreading). Some of these procedures may be carried out as stand-alone services. Let me help you define your English communication needs.

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Maybe you have a project or product presentation that must woo the CEO or a discerning clientele.

Perhaps your objective is to publish information destined for knowledgeable readers. Then it is essential to craft a full translation, developing the English version in line with the systematic stages of the translator’s roadmap.

On the other hand …  you might simply want the essential elements of your document to be quickly grasped by a handful of employees? In this case, what might be more relevant is a summary of the document in English.

Quality Control (revision and proof-reading)

If your document has been written by a non-native English speaker, you might be more comfortable having a pair of professional eyes scrutinize the translation, comparing it for accuracy and consistency with the original French version. Revision is, in any case, an essential step in the translation process and an art in itself. Even the best and most experienced translators can overlook mistakes (especially under tight deadlines) or get stuck in a translation rut.

Proof-reading represents the final step before dissemination, that all-essential step back needed to ensure the final text is clear, fluent and effective.

Liaison interpreting

There are different interpreting techniques, some which require years of training, practice and nerves of steel (e.g. conference booth interpreting or whispered interpreting as often used in tête-à-têtes between heads of state).

On the other hand, as a fluent speaker of English and French, I can ease and advance communications by interpreting in smaller group settings, for example, small business get-togethers, meetings or visits.

Other languages, other areas of expertise – a professional network at your service

As a member of the French Société française des traducteurs (SFT), I am in daily contact with translators of other language pairs and, in particular, translators who translate from English into French. Like all professionals, I am committed to delivering a quality service and place great importance on continuous professional development. I work with a network of professional translators, all members of a professional translators’ organization. We frequently partner up to work on larger or more complex translation assignments, to proofread one another’s work and to benefit from the exchange of experience and expertise. Many of my translation colleagues translate in other areas of specialization.

Specialized fields