Specialized fields

Translators are called on to translate an evolving range of topics, from the labels on shampoo bottles to texts about the Internet of Things, from the everyday to the revolutionary. A translator’s language skills take years to grow, as does her knowledge of each specific activity, sector and market.

My years of translation experience in the following sectors have given me the opportunity to broaden certain translation, research and writing skills. At the same time, they have challenged me to reproduce and create a variety of writing styles with which I continue to develop my repertoire. 

Medical translation and Health Care Services translation

Over twenty years’ translation experience in the medical field has taught me that there is no leeway for error or ambiguity.

Precision in the translation of diagnoses, procedures, treatment plans, etc. is critical. Above all, strict client and patient confidentiality must be respected. My clients in the medical and medico-legal field include some big players in the Canadian life and health insurance sector – Great-West Life and Canada Life. 

  • Doctors’ consultation notes (including handwritten notes)
  • Specialists’ reports and statements, e.g. orthopaedists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, etc.
  • Clinical investigation reports such as X-rays, nuclear imaging, laboratory results
  • Operative reports
  • Psychiatric reports
  • Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation reports

Medicolegal translation

A particular challenge of translation in this field is to render legalese, to interpret precise meaning in plain English. There can be serious consequences of mistranslation or misuse of the legal terminology, yet a great deal to be gained from producing accurate, readable texts.

  • Legal proceedings and appeal applications in relation to health insurance benefit decisions
  • Decisions and correspondence from government bodies
  • Court judgments
  • Death certificates, powers of attorney, wills, divorce decrees.

Life and health insurance, and financial services

Five years as an in-house translator for Quebec’s largest cooperative financial services group, Desjardins Financial Security, has provided me with a solid grounding in the industry.

Here, the translation challenge is to convey the information of sometimes complex insurance and financial products in clear, consumer-oriented language that reflects the solid reputation of the insurance and financial services establishments.

  • Life and health insurance policies, retirement savings contracts

Brochures, articles and forms relating to:

  • Retirement planning – savings and investment products and services
  • Information for financial advisors
  • Articles on the economy and the insurance market

Corporate communication and marketing documentation

The translation of marketing and advertising material requires more of a “thinking-outside-the-box” approach, stretching the editorial muscles to interpret and deliver a message in a punchy and appealing style, while paying attention to any company-specific terminology and industry trends.

Here are a few examples of documents I have translated for a number of companies including Desjardins, SSQ and Coexpan:

  • Human resources and training material for staff and management
  • Aspects of business organization
  • Contracts for services
  • Web sites
  • Advertising material

Technical translation

Technical translation requires great precision and meticulousness.

Mistranslated instructions, formulae or measurements could be disastrous. Each industrial sector has a language of its own and in-depth research can take the translator on a voyage of discovery!

  • Food filling and packaging machinery
  • Production operations
  • Thermoforming techniques
  • Food safety and quality control
  • Sealing technology for the industrial sector
  • Hydraulic installations and water technology